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September 11 | Darren Johnston Ensemble

September 25 | Duo Revirado

October 9 | Ignition Duo


October 23 | Alcyone Ensemble

November 13 | Firesong

November 20 | Jewish Music and Poetry Project


December 11 | Gestaltish

December 18 | Aaron Bennett Ensemble



SFMusic Thursdays are an outgrowth of San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music's acclaimed annual event, SFMusic Day . Live + Free. This new bi-weekly series extends the reach of that celebration of the Bay Area's vibrant, eclectic music scene year-round. Small ensembles in the SFFCM community - excellent and ambitious performers of Early Music, Chamber Music, New Music, Jazz, and Creative Music - are free to present, on their own terms, concert programs in the uniquely intimate and accessible environment of the Center for New Music (C4NM).


Tickets : $15 General, $10 C4NM Members



Darren Johnston Ensemble

Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:30PM | Center for New Music



Trumpeter/composer Darren Johnston returns to C4NM with both a duo and trio project.  The focus of the evening will be on collective, spontaneous compositions, some of which to be based on a collection of short musical ideas that have occurred to Johnston over the last several months. The first set will feature Johnston in a duo with the brilliant and unique Kyle Bruckman on oboe, who's 2014 musical phantasmagoria inspired by the novels of Thomas Pynchon, "Wrack: ….Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire" featured Johnston along with some long-time Chicago collaborators. Set #2 is where the focus will turn to Johnston's musical sketches, which really are just short ideas designed to leave a maximum amount of room for spontaneous composing. Said creative output is to be generated by the incredible creative and spirited minds of pianist Michael Coleman and drummer Hamir Atwal.




Duo Revirado

Thursday, September 25, 2014 7:30PM | Center for New Music


Thomas Yee and Jose Rodriguez teamed up to create Duo Revirado; a dynamic and unique ensemble that explores different styles and genres including Classical, Latin, Tango, Jazz, Folk, and New Music. Audiences experience Music of a wide spectrum that includes extended techniques and improvisation. The duo’s mission is to branch out to a broader audience, by presenting educational and musical programs through cultures and time that excites, inspires, and communicates positively with audiences of all ages.


This particular program features music from three living composers: selections from Terry Riley’s Cantos Desiertos (Songs of the Desert), a work commissioned and written by Beeri Moalem titled Kinneret (the largest freshwater lake in Israel), and Kevin Cope’s three Jewish Sephardic Songs. These three pieces have an eastern flair to them, evoking sounds of the desert. Tying into that will be Bartok Romanian Folk Dances. Finishing the program will be the historical rendition of the Tango through Piazzolla’s view in his amazing four movement work History of the Tango.





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