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Every three weeks between October and June, San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music presents a series of free workshops led by experts in the field, and designed to cover many aspects of career development.




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List of workshops for 2016



Promoting Your Music: Writing, Publicity, Advertising and Audience Development Strategies

Presented by: Lisa Mezzacappa

October 24, 2016

BYO (Bring your own) brown bag lunch and get ready to learn all of the key points to promoting your musical projects. From clarifying the mysteries of Audience Development Strategies to solving your top Advertising problems, join us as Lisa Mezzacappa shares her knowledge of what really works in today's music scene.


Strategic Planning for Musicians 101

Presented by: Nancy Quinn

Part One:


In this hands-on workshop, participants will be taught key concepts of strategic planning for small arts organizations, including an overview of the planning process and how to create and execute a plan.


Part Two:


This is the follow-up course for those who have already completed Strategic Planning 101 AND who have spent some time (at least one month) engaged in their own planning.


Speaking of Music

Presented by: Anthem Salgado


In this workshop, you will work on your presentation skills: projecting your voice, proper use of a mic, scripting a basic speech, and overall, owning the stage. Join us for this interactive and participatory training to advance your public speaking abilities.


Cultivating A Robust Donor Base

Presented by:Kevin Seaman & Beatrice Thomas


Ready to attract and retain a family of donors that support your creative work.we’ll focus on developing a donor base for your art and authentic strategies for making the ask!


Making Your Time Count, Part 1: Everyday Mastery

Presented by: Anthem Salgado


Making Your Time Count, part 1: In the first part of this program, you will gain a simple but very powerful comprehension of calendar management: how to blaze through your to-do list, avoid common pitfalls, delete distractions, and give yourself permission to do less and yet still get more done! By the end of the workshop, you will have more clarity plus a trusty rule set to call upon when you find yourself in a future time bind.


Making Your Time Count, Part 2: Your Premier 90-Day Plan

Presented by: Anthem Salgado


In the second half of this program, you will learn how to think bigger and broader about your career and business. Whether you are an organization of one or one-thousand, we will look through the eyes of an Executive or Managing Director in order to see all the moving parts of your company and craft a strategic plan specific to your aims. You will leave with a quarterly action guide to help you navigate the next three months with more crystal intentions and objectives.


Financial Literacy

Presented by: Daniel Bao


his workshop aims to get participants up to speed on basic financial terms, concepts, and skills. We'll cover financial terms (like cash versus accrual, income and expenses, and assets and liabilities), the two key financial reports to understand and be able to create (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet), and basic budgeting.





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