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Every three weeks between September and June, San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music presents a series of free workshops led by experts in the field, and designed to cover many aspects of career development.


Our workshop series are presented at 135 Main Street, San Francisco (Tenant Activity Room lobby level) or at the Musicians Union Local 6 116 Ninth Street, San Francisco


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List of workshops for 2015

Tuning In To Your Audience: Marketing Must-Haves for Musicians

How can artists more effectively develop their audiences year-round and generate better ticket sales for their live concerts?  In this workshop, attendees will learn foundational marketing basics.  

Making Your Time Count

Part 1:  In the first part of this program, you will gain a simple but very powerful comprehension of calendar management: how to blaze through your to-do list.....

Part 2:  In the second half of this program, you will learn how to think bigger and broader about your career and business.

Strategic Planning for Chamber Music Ensembles
In this hands-on workshop, participants will be taught key concepts of strategic planning for small arts organizations, including an overview of the planning process and how to create and execute a plan.

Fundraising for Musicians
Part 1: We'll discuss fundraising for Musicians with foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individual donors.

Part 2: We'll look closely at the various parts of a grant application (narrative, budget, timeline, artist statement, work sample, etc) and discuss the opportunities to strengthen your story through each section and through the whole.

Part 3: Each artist's income should reflect their strengths-selling work, teaching classes, earning commissions, and collaborations create the bulk of our earned income, but what about contributed income beyond grants?

The Magic of Numbers : Income Tax Preparation for Musicians
Every April, many musicians find themselves flummoxed by the American tax code. In this workshop, participants will learn how to report their income and expenses accurately, whether as an employee or independent contractor.

Financial Literacy for Musicians
This workshop aims to get participants up to speed on basic financial terms, concepts, and skills.

Winning Grant Proposals: A Deeper Dive
You’ve written grants, perhaps you’ve even received a few, but you’re not satisfied with your grant writing results.





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