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African American Composer Initiative to present two public performances of the Eighth Annual Concert of Music by African American composers, which will include a wide variety of styles, eras and genres, spanning classical and jazz idioms and performed by the core group of musicians of the AACI, as well as outstanding Bay Area classical and jazz musicians and guest artists.


Berkeley Choro Ensemble to record and release their first album, featuring a collection of works by living Brazilian composers, as well as works by clarinetist Harvey Wainapel and a commission from guitarist and composer, Ricardo Peixoto.


Ryan Brown to produce a full-length album of seven original pieces, including the recording of Extended Family, featuring string quartet, Amaranth Quartet, and Brown on electric guitar, highlighting the organic hybrid of Brown’s self-taught rock background and his years of subsequent training in classical composition.


Sheldon Brown Ensemble to master and produce an album of studio recordings of his recent composition, Blood of the Air, promoting the legacy of Philip Lamantia, an important figure in the San Francisco Renaissance poetry movement of the late 1940s through the late 1950s, and perhaps America’s foremost surrealist poet.


Ian Carey’s Wood/ Metal/ Plastic to compose and premiere a collection of pieces, Set for 7, incorporating contrapuntal textures and varied improvisational settings ranging from structured to free, which will be performed by Carey and six other musicians.


Carlos Henrique Pereira Trio to record and release an album of his original jazz and Brazilian style compositions, featuring the recently transplanted Sonoma County resident as leader on his dual main instruments of piano and nylon string acoustic guitar.


Ben Goldberg to record and release an album, Hocus Pocus, a collection of six etudes composed by Steve Lacy, built of his musical language and characterized by repeating segments, and adapted in 2014 by Mr. Goldberg and Michael Coleman for clarinet/piano duo.


Phillip Greenlief (saxophone), Fred Frith (guitar), and Rashaun Mitchell (dance) to perform and record improvisations, to be released on DVD and internationally distributed, marking the premiere collaboration of three singular artists, highlighting the visual form of dance with the physicality of improvising musicians to create an embodied sound score.


Jon Jang to compose an eight minute work for the Jon Jang Ensemble of three woodwinds, two brass, and rhythm section, entitled Yank Sing Work Song, to celebrate the recent major victory of the Yank Sing restaurant workers, who won a four million dollar settlement in November 2014, as a continuation of his body of works paying tribute to Chinese workers.


The Living Earth Show to commission, premiere, and tour a new work for electric guitar, percussion, and live electronics by composer Zachary James Watkins, involving invented instruments and tuning that investigate whole number interval relationships, based on desires to explore harmonic territory, periodicity, composite waveforms, resonance, texture, and the spatial diffusion of sound sources to achieve rich, saturated environments.


Lisa Mezzacappa to record and disseminate her evening length song cycle, Glorious Ravage, inspired by the writings of Victorian lady explorers, featuring an ensemble of acclaimed California instrumentalists performing live and commissioned films, and to be released in 2017 as both an audio CD and on-demand video available for online streaming.


Molina/ Ackamoor Duet to compose and perform The Spirit, Breath of Life, an evening of improvised, ritualistic, and cleansing ceremonies, as musical homage to the grassroots national uprising that has been precipitated by the deaths of African American men and young men of color at the hands of police, and as a means of collective healing and “breathing in one complete breath” for all Americans.


Music at the Mission to commission and perform the world premiere of a new work, The Golden Door, by Composer-in-Residence Mark Fish, inspired by immigrant stories from Chinese, Filipino, and Afghan residents of the Tri-Cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City, and will include musicians from these cultures playing traditional instruments, as well as video projections capturing the Tri-Cities immigrant experience.


Noe Valley Chamber Music to present a concert of the Thalea String Quartet, its Emerging Artist for 2016/17 season, as part of both the Osher Inside-Out and contemporary neo@noe concert series, including Musical Conversations, a pre-concert talk led by musicologist Kai Christiansen.


One Great City Duo to record and release its second full length album, featuring premiere recordings of commissioned works by Shahab Paranj, Eric Choate, and Sergio Assad.


Outsound Presents to present the creative works of the three contemporary ensembles: Brett Carson’s Mysterious Descent; IMA featuring Nava Dunkelman and Amma Ateria; and Mark Clifford’s Dirty Snacks Ensemble during the 15th Annual Outsound New Music Summit Festival.


Jim Santi Owen, to present an evening length performance of original and improvised new music, in collaboration with sarode artist and composer, Alam Khan, based on their year-long research of rare ragas (melodic modes) and talas (rhythmic cycles) of North Indian Classical Music.


Rent Romus to perform and record live The Road to Aacheron, an evening-length original oratorio, in partnership with his Life's Blood Ensemble and members of The Cornelius Cardew Choir, of otherworldly music composed by Romus and inspired by the Fantastic Pulp Fiction writers of the 1930's, including HP Lovecraft, Catherine Lucille Moore, and Arthur Machen.


Redwood Tango Ensemble to debut and record six fully-scored compositions, including new compositions by leader, Charles Gorczynski, featuring a dance performance, as well as a set of traditional Argentine tango for social dancing, as a means to give dancers an insight to the Ensemble’s more nuanced and modern original material, as well as introduce chamber music fans to the idiomatic musical language of modern tango.


Pamela Rose to produce her new stage work, The Blues is a Woman, an ensemble theatrical concert featuring Bay Area women blues musicians who will sing and tell stories woven around the music, augmenting the powerful, truth telling, original songs written and popularized by early Blues Women, and which will feature rarely seen archival film footage and photo projections of these great women in concert.


Splinter Reeds to commission and premiere a sextet composition by composer and performer Theresa Wong, for reed quintet and Wong as vocalist and cellist, employing improvisation and collaborative process that is as central to the development of the work as is conventional notation, and with the creative voices of the individuals involved being at least as important as the instrumentation.


Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival to present End of Time, a new theatrical production centered around Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, which will feature staging, lighting design, and a video-like onstage projection that will tell the story of Messiaen and the creation of this historical and powerful work.


Trois Bois Wind Trio to record and release their first full length album of music written by French composers between the years 1945-1947, including one never before recorded work, as a means to capture the remarkable connections that existed between the composers of this era and how the political and cultural landscape affected their style.


Wooden Fish Ensemble to premiere Koto, Piano II, two commissioned works by Hyo-shin Na, a piece for Koto (Japanese zither) and piano, and a piece for koto and bass koto, as an addition to Na’s series of 4 duos composed for and recorded by the Ensemble.






The SFFCM Musical Grant Program is made possible through support from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund, the Clarence E. Heller Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the San Francisco Foundation. Since 2008, SFFCM has awarded more than $668,000 to help support 234 projects in the Greater Bay Area. (See past awards.)


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