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Highlights from this year's 2016 SFMusic Day . Live+ Free at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center

Photographer by Lenny Gonzalez.





SFMusic Day 2016

​35 Groups - 155 Artists - 4 stages


Herbst Theater . Green Room

Atrium Theater . Education Studio

San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building

401 Van Ness Avenue . San Francisco






SFMusic Day 2015

October 25th

33 Ensembles | 148 Musicians


Music Day 2015 Highlights is a short series of impressionistic scenes from SFMusic Day, Live+ Free at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center taken by photographer Lenny Gonzalez.



Comments, Photos, and Videos 2014 - 2008


Chamber Music Day is everything you could wish for in a concert — endearing and audacious, variegated and profound, intimate and accessible, free, and freewheeling.” – Jaime Robles, “Entering a Many-Splendored Chamber” SF Classical Voice, September 13, 2009




“Chamber music has always been kind of a grassroots art form, and for the most part, people kind of work in their own little space, and not often in a situation where they encounter one another. The whole spirit of this event is just a fantastic thing.”             Alexander String Quartet violist Paul Yarbrough


It was wonderful. I was thrilled to be introduced to the groups and to many of the composers.” Paula

Seamless transitions-wonderful!” – Jim


I’ve never been to a mixed genre concert like this. Piano jazz followed by Beethoven String Quartet! Do it every Sunday!” – Gary

I came for the Beethoven, but found out I really enjoyed sfSound and Earplay. I would never have dared to attend a whole concert of such “contemporary” music, but was totally taken in by the piece with 10 music stands for one flutist, and the computer playing strange sounds in a chamber music setting.” – Erika

Thank you for the excellent program and for keeping fine arts democratic and available to all.” anonymous

Wonderful idea! Great variety of music. Interesting to have jazz mixed in with classical and modern chamber music. Now that I know how marvelous it is, I'll bring musical friends next year! I liked that there were brochures of other events in S.F.” – Hilda




Wonderful. Continue!” – a visitor from Columbus, OH, 60

This is my second CMD, and it was a wonderful experience that I hope you can continue! I also present an arts festival here in SF, so I know it is not as simple or easy to do as you make it seem. Quite wonderful!!!” – anonymous

I don't know what genius had the idea for this event, but what an incredible follow-through.” – anonymous





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