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What is SFMusic Day all about?


SFMUSIC DAY is a musical festival unlike any other! This is a music marathon of local ensembles that are internationally acclaimed, gathering for one day of nonstop music making. What really makes this festival different from any other is that every performance is completely FREE and open to the public!



What makes SFMusic Day so special?


Unlike other concerts, you are free to come and go as you please, moving between spaces and creating a personalized program for the day. With interactive music, family-friendly activities, and food trucks just outside the venue, the event will delight new listeners and seasoned concertgoers of all ages and backgrounds.



So... who are these ensembles?


The SFMusic Day 2017 ensembles will be announced in the summer of 2017, but you can expect a large span of musical styles, from early classical to jazz and avant-garde works.



Where do I go?


SFMusic Day 2017 will take place in SF's historical Veterans Building, located in the heart of San Francisco! The SFMusic Day ensembles will perform concurrently throughout the day in the building’s four halls: Herbst Theater, Green Room, Atrium Theater, Education Studio



When do I get to go!?!?


SFMusic Day 2017 is already in the works, be sure to sign up to our eNewsletter so you can get all of the latest news and scoops as we get ready!




Sign up now to our eNewsletter to get all of the latest news as we get ready for Music Day 2017!




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