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David James’s GPS

Friday, February 10, 2016

6:00pm - 7:30pm



Photo: Federico Cusigch







2 Zs, 2 Ps

Black Ops

Billionaire Blues (vocal)

Obama Hop/Prayer



- Intermission -


Powell Doctrine

Rubber Foot

Resist! / Song of Choice (Peggy Seeger) (vocal)


Call It Luck (vocal)

Dimes (vocal)





GPS (Good People, Son) is an eclectic jazz-meets-chamber rock sextet led by celebrated guitarist and composer David James. A lifelong Bay Area resident, James has been involved with seminal local groups for decades - sculpting guitar feedback and ambient sounds with the Thessalonians, touring and recording hip-hop with Spearhead and the Coup, playing afrobeat with Afrofunk Experience, and presenting funky art-song with the Beth Custer Ensemble. “Just like his musical resume, the album’s sound is diverse, showing off the sextet’s technical chops and wide-ranging interests. Songs bounce from jazz to waltz to reggae to blues to Afro-beat to Eurobeat.”



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