Berkeley Choro Ensemble

Friday, November 17, 2017

7:00pm - 8:30pm



Photo: courtesy of artist



Jane Lenoir, flute • Harvey Wainapel, clarinet • Ricardo Peixoto, guitar • Brian Rice, percussion

with visiting guests from São Paulo: Amilton Godoy, piano, Léa Freire, flute




Original compositions from their new CD, supported by the 2016 InterMusic SF (SFFCM) Musical Grant Program. Featuring compositions by contemporary Brazilian composers and BCE members, Ricardo Peixoto and Harvey Wainapel. Guests from São Paulo, Léa Freire, flutist/pianist, and Amilton Godoy, pianist, will be performing their compositions in arrangements made for the ensemble as well.


Quase Chorando - Ricardo Peixoto

Sempre Voltando - Harvey Wainapel

Nesse Momento - Ricardo Peixoto

Fabiano e Sua Turma - Mário Sève

with Brazilian guests, Léa Freire, flute, and Amilton Godoy, piano:

Choro No. 7 - Cesar Camargo Mariano

Choro in Eb - Amilton Godoy

Sem Do - Léa Freire




Sambo do Arvore - Léa Freire

Estudo in Bb - Amilton Godoy

Risco - Léa Freire

Deixa Estar - Léa Freire

Tres Irmãos - Amilton Godoy



The Berkeley Choro Ensemble is a group of world-class musicians from the SF Bay Area that formed in 2010. The group celebrates the music, culture and history of Brazil, with a special emphasis on the Choro genre (pronounced “shoro”), a style of music which emerged in the 1800’s in Brazil, fusing the music of Brazil’s European immigrants and the native music of Brazil’s indigenous and African-Brazilian population. In particular, the choro sound is somewhat akin to a combination of European classical music, ragtime, and blues. Our repertoire also includes samba, bossa nova, jazz, and the music of Northeast Brazil."



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