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SFMusic Day takes place on Sunday, OCTOBER 25, 2015 in the newly remodeled San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center – simultaneous performances will be held in the Herbst Theater and the Green Room.

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Explore the stunning variety of music that is thriving in the Bay Area. You will find the familiar alongside the avant-garde; witness how cultural traditions have merged in innovative new music and how multiple genres coexist and inspire each other.


Below Vignettes from SFMusic Day a short series of impressionistic scenes from SFMusic Day . Live+ Free  2015  taken by photographer Lenny Gonzalez.





Presidio Sessions


Friday, September 4 | John Santos Sextet





Latin Jazz guru John Santos leads his incomparable sextet through an exciting excursion blending Caribbean rhythms with post-bop form. As a five-time Grammy nominee and USA Fontanals Fellow John Santos is one of the foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music in the world today.



Upcoming Sessions

Friday, September 11 | Delphi Trio  (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Max Stoffregen : Saint-Saens  )
Friday, September 18 | sfSound
Friday, September 25 | Vân-Ánh Võ







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